Are the doors in my workplace safe and compliant?

Ensuring that your office doors are fire-compliant is crucial for the safety of occupants in case of an emergency. Here are steps you can take to determine if your office doors meet fire safety standards:

  1. Check Building Codes and Regulations:
  • Review local building codes and regulations to understand the specific requirements for fire doors in your area. Codes may vary, so you must know the standards applicable to your location.
  1. Consult the Building Plans:
  • If Possible, review the building plans or blueprints for your office. These documents often provide details about the specifications of doors, including whether they are designated fire doors.
  1. Look for Fire Door Labels or Certifications:
  • Inspect each office door for labels or certifications. Fire doors typically have a label indicating compliance with fire safety standards. Look for labels from recognized testing and certification organizations.
  1. Check Door Material and Construction:
  • Fire doors are typically made from materials that can withstand fire for a specified period. Examine the construction and materials of the doors to ensure they meet the required standards. 
  1. Verify Fire Door Components:
  • Ensure that the components of the fire doors, such as frames, hinges, and closures, are also fire-rated and correctly installed. All elements of the door assembly should work together to maintain the door’s fire resistance.
  1. Inspect Door Seals and Gaps:
  • Check for intumescent seals around the edges of the door. These seals expand when exposed to heat, helping to seal gaps and prevent the spread of smoke and flames. Please ensure minimal gaps less than 5mm around the gate when closed.
  1. Examine Self-Closing Mechanisms:
  • Fire doors are often equipped with self-closing mechanisms to close automatically in the event of a fire. Test these mechanisms to ensure they function correctly and the door fully closes. 
  1. Verify Maintenance Records:
  • Review maintenance records for the doors. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure fire doors remain in good working condition. Check if there is a history of inspections and repairs.
  1. Consult with Fire Safety Professionals:
  • If you have doubts about the compliance of your office doors, consider consulting with fire safety professionals or building inspectors. They can provide expert advice and may conduct thorough inspections to assess compliance.
  1. Document Findings:
  • Keep detailed records of your inspections and findings. Documenting compliance is essential for regulatory purposes and future reference.

Regular inspections and maintenance ensure that fire doors remain effective over time. If you find any issues or have concerns about the compliance of your doors, contact our Fire Protection Services Team: 0845 561 2222


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