Uni Assist has proven experience in delivering services directly to retailers, where our constant focus is to drive value and deliver quality services for our retail partners.

We understand the challenges within the retail sector in relation to access, permissions for work and the service levels, which our clients have to maintain in order to best promote their brand and business.

Footfall through a shopping outlet is a key metric for service providers to use in order to align the level of services required. Our expertise lies in understanding the footfall peaks through the day, week and seasonal times of the year. This enables Uni Assist to best support the service level requirements of our clients and their customers.

Uni Assist’s Retail Solutions are designed to provide the retailer with an integrated or single service solution that is flexible and can be tailored for the requirements of a particular location, which can be site specific.

We provide bespoke service delivery solutions, which include mobile support or static on site teams, emergency response solutions and PPM solutions.

Our retail solutions are designed to provide the best fit for the client and the stores, and are offered as an integrated or single service solution, the key features of which are:

  • Building fabric maintenance
  • Building services maintenance
  • Refurbishment and project works
  • PPM Maintenance
  • Cost effective approach and scalability to meet client requirements
  • 24/7 Hours of Operation Access to Real Time Client Works Portal
  • Specialist Services Management and Delivery
  • Projects and Small works
  • Add on solutions for retailer’s customers (home installations)
  • LCA Registered Water and Legionella Control Services
  • Pest Control

Uni Assist has extensive retail delivery experience; servicing some of the largest retail chains in the world, to small community retail centres, stand alone operators and kiosks.

We have an ethic to deliver high value added, low cost solutions within challenging environments.

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