Business partnering is “the development of successful, long term, strategic relationships between customers and suppliers, based on achieving best practice and sustainable competitive advantage”(Lendrum, 1997).

Our approach at Uni assist to partnering is simple, to work as hard as we can with our clients and supply chain to build long term successful relationships.

As a barometer we look to develop 4 guiding principles which are,

Trust, Commitment, Fairness and Mutual Understanding.

All of which are core to the Uni assist values. Building meaningful relationships that seem less like a trading partner and more like a work colleague, sharing the same objectives and values, enables Uni assist to become a valuable asset to the client’s team.

In our very first meeting whether it be a new client or supply chain partner, we listen! only when we intrinsically understand our partners needs can we start to build a relationship.

By understanding a client’s business and markets and needs, we become an indispensable part of your team. You rely on us, and we rely on you. And both organisations benefit.

Committed to achieving a better understanding of our partners’ business and their markets, we are able to offer a much more dynamic, and creative approach. Working in this way allows us to offer solutions to problems that may not always be achievable in a traditional client – supplier relationship.

The whole team here at Uni assist are committed and focused on practicing and developing the principles of partnership. We remain convinced that if we can deliver on our promises, our business will retain the successful partnerships we have in place with our clients and supply chain alike.

If you have any partnering requirements and would like to find out how Uni assist can help please call us on 0845 561 22 22

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